Natural Services

Advanced pedicure  $50 and up  

All first time clients will receive the Advanced Pedicure and assessment. $55.00. "No Exceptions"

This Service is for clients with dry skin, cracking, fissures, callus buildup, seed corns and/or thicken toenail(s), or shredded rough skin. I will not compromise the quality of my service and I require all clients to agree to the first appointment price to ensure I properly assess the level of care needed. Clients that maintain regular visits and do not require advanced work can drop to the Level 1 pedicure for maintenance.

NOTE: If 2 months elapse between appointments, additional work will be necessary, service will start at $50 or $55.


Advanced Pedicure & Polish

Level 2 $55 Service requires severe & heavy callus reduction, excessively dry skin removal, nail thickness reduction.

Level 1 $50 Service requires heavy callus reduction, excessively dry skin removal

Dry Pedicure/Toe Nail Clipping   $30

This service includes consultation and evaluation of the toes and feet, clipping of the nails, cuticle preparation and buffing.

Natural Manicure  $25

Time will be spent concentrating exclusively on the care of the your hands and fingers, tailoring the nails and cuticles, a relaxing massage and polishing of the nails.

IBX Repair and Strengthen  starting at $8

IBX is a natural stengthening system made to toughen, repair and protect the natural nail. IBX is the first or it's kind. IBX is penetrated into the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail itself creating and interpenetrating Polymer Network. IBX Boost creates the ultimate foundation layer on the natural nail. It's awesome.

Toe Nail Reconstruction  $20 and up

Damaged toenails? I can help. Toe nail reconstruction is an option. LCN Barefoot is a highly elastic resin designed specifically for toenail reconstruction with the unique power to provide life-changing results. As a certified Barefoot technician, I can provide a solution.

Lacquer polish change  $10

Color change includes a new lacquer color and shape up of the nails. 


Gel Manicure  $38

My most requested manicure! A gel polish manicure is a wonderful way to lengthen the beauty and appearance of your manicure while also adding a bit of strength! I have a growing library of soak-off Tammy Taylor Gelegance polishes to choose from!


Gel overlay over natural nails  $40

Overlays skip the extension step with acrygel or gel extensions. Gel is applied directly onto your natural nails and shaped by hand and buffed to create that glossy effect. Great for anyone with nails lacking in natural wow factor. 

2-week fills  $30

Product fills of gel extensions and gel overlays. Product fills are required to maintain nails for longterm wear.

3-week fills $35

Product fills gel extensions and gel overlays. Product fills are required to maintain nails for longterm wear.

Nail Art  $10 per 15 min.

Plan for some extra time to add some nail art to your gel manicure! Nail art options include glitter, chrome, ombres, stamping, marbling, cat eye or some free hand, etc. Artwork is created with gel art paints.

Gel polish add-on $8

I have a large library of gel polishes. Gel polish is the perfect accent to any enhancement and the polish lasts at least 2-3 weeks. Gel polish can easily be removed

Soak off of enhancements  $15

Safely remove acrylic nails by soaking fingers in a warm acetone bath with cuticle oil. This service includes shaping of the nails after removal.


Excellent services are not cheap, cheap services are not excellent...